• Clinicians Women's Health Flora Restore 30caps (New)
Clinicians Women's Health Flora Restore 30caps (New)
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    Clinicians Flora Restore® is a unique and scientifically researched oral probiotic for Women’s health, to support urogenital health (Vaginal and Urinary Tract) and restoration and maintenance of healthy flora

    Flora Restore® Benefits

    Supports a healthy balance between good bacteria and potentially problematic yeasts and bacteria which may lead to vaginal and bladder problems
    Contains two unique clinically documented probiotic strains to colonise the vagina and urinary tract after oral intake to restore and maintain healthy urogenital flora (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14)
    For use during and after antibacterial or antifungal therapy
    Can be used as a maintenance product for women susceptible to vaginal and urinary tract problems
    Flora Restore® Features

    First ever documented oral probiotic for vaginal health
    Is backed by over 25 years of research, and has been proven to support the balance of healthy vaginal flora
    Convenient blister packaging which also removes moisture and increases shelf life
    Does not require refrigeration like most probiotics and is stable at room temperature
    Unique encapsulation technology which ensures survival through the gastrointestinal tract
    Suitable for all women of childbearing age including those who are pregnant and or breastfeeding