• iLite Finest( Classic Sweentner )- 50 gms
iLite Finest( Classic Sweentner )- 50 gms
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Serving per pack: 50
Sachet size: 1g

Quantity per stick 1g / Quantity per 100g
Energy: 2.4kcal / 240cal
Protein: 0g / 0g
Fat: 0g / 0g
Carbohydrate: 0.99g / 99g

iLite Finest Classic Sweetener is suitable for Type 2 diabetics as it does not cause any unnecessary rise in blood glucose levels. Incorporate this into your daily diet and keep your calories at bay.

The key ingredients are grain and cane sugar derived, complementing the natural sweetness extracted from the Stevia Rebaundiana plant. iLite Finest has no sugar added, no preservatives and naturally sweetened with Stevia.