• iLite Grain Plus(320gms)
iLite Grain Plus(320gms)
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Nutritional Information


Servings Per Package    -  10

Serving Size     -    32g( Per Sachet)

Per Serving     -   Per 100ml**

Energy           -        110kcal*            57kcal*

Protein           -        5.9g                   3.1g

Total Fat       -          1.0g                    0.5g

 Saturated Fat     - 0.2g                   0.1g

Unsaturated Fat - 0.8g                   0.4g

 Trans Fat        -     0.0g                   0.0g

Cholesterol         -    2mg                  1mg

Carbohydrate     -   20.2g                10.5g

Total Sugar      -    7.2g                   3.8g

Dietary Fibre     -   1.9g                   1.0g

Sodium            -      68mg                36mg

Calcium          -      130.2mg          67.8mg

Iron                    -    0.7mg             0.3mg

* 1 kcal=4.2kj     ** As reconstituted

iLite GrainsPlus is Singapore’s first clinically tested Low Glycemic Index (GI) multigrain cereal hot drink, which is made from real milk, organic chia seeds and quinoa, and other super grains (oats & rye)! Being a nutritious low GI beverage, iLite GrainsPlus provides sustained energy release when you need it and keeps you full longer throughout the day. iLite GrainsPlus is certified Low GI, and hence it is suitable for diabetics and diabetes prevention.  “Healthy Blood Sugar Made Easy”