• Off The Record Strawberry Watermelon Sour 60ml
Off The Record Strawberry Watermelon Sour 60ml
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  • Off The Record B.S.S.M. eJuice mirrors a turning-point album by one of the most influential experimental rock groups of the 21st century in that this flavor is also magic. This sour strawberry and watermelon vape juice runs a rosy crimson with candied sweetness to balance out the sour. One whiff of the blend and your friends will be begging you to give it away. For a double fruit duo that will play music to your ears, you don’t have to feel like you’re breaking the bank. The classic watermelon and strawberry vape juice tag team has been no stranger to the average vapor enthusiast. However, like an album you just can't stop playing over and over, this candy flavor is going to take these two in a direction that will see years of success. You don’t have to be a record producer to tell that this sour vape juice will be a brand-new hit.


    A rosy watermelon and vibrant strawberry in a sour candy.


  • FLAVORS: Candy, Sour, Strawberry, Watermelon
  • VG/PG RATIO: 70/30 
  • SIZE: 60ml
  • BOTTLE TYPE: Unicorn
  • BRAND: Off The Record
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