• SHISEIDO Night 6ml
SHISEIDO Night 6ml
အမှတ်တံဆိပ် Shiseido
ပစ္စည်းကုဒ်နံပါတ် #ILS-BOB-0031719
ပြုလုပ်သည့်နေရာ Japan
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  • Temporal and spatial glazed lx Royal Collection Late Frost ( 6 ml )
    All new department stores container
    Trade names : Shiseido Senior Hall Time Space Glass Limited Collection Night Frost ( 6 ml )
    Specification / Capacity : Temporal and spatial glazed lx Royal Collection Late Frost ( 6 ml )
    Duration of retention : Five years , the date of manufacture or expiry period , Please see the product packaging label for details .
    Origin : Mainly marked by actual shipment
    Source of goods : Domestic department store counter
    Notes :
    If you have an allergy after use , stop immediately and consult your physician .
    Please put the goods in a cool place to avoid deterioration .
    Differences in computer screen settings and personal perceptions , This picture of the goods sold is for reference only . Whichever is the actual commodity received , Please excuse me .
    Please take the actual shipment as the main indication of the correct period of time .
    Commodities are labelled in Chinese in conformity with the Cosmetics Health Regulations .
    Consumers who shop online , All may be governed by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act , Enjoy the right to the hesitation period of 15 days from the date of arrival of the goods . However , the period of hesitation is not a probationary period , Therefore , The goods you return must be in a new state 、 and packing completely ; please keep the commodity ontology 、 Accessories 、 Gifts 、 Bonds 、 the integrity of the original packaging and all accompanying documents or information , Do not miss any accessories or destroy the outer box of the original factory .
    This small volume commodity is bulk purchase of the priced special set of unpacked commodities , There are also " gifts " with the packaging of goods / sample / not for sale / not for individual sale / tester , " to avoid consumers ' misgivings after receiving goods , I hereby explain . Picketers confirm that they can accept the packaging marking of the goods before placing an order .
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