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  • 15ml


  • Emulsion for high performance lightweight lunch. Provides comprehensive skin protection. The skin has a natural protective function during the day. Ready to deal with the environment to hurt the skin. Revive skin problems you are concerned about. Reduce wrinkles. Skin lacking firmness, dullness to restore radiance. See consistently smooth. Features: • Helps maintain and enhance performance natural skin or Daytime Defense Gene, which plays an important role in the process of protecting your skin during the day to go smoothly, make ready against external attack. The cause of aging. Contains exclusive ingredients of Shiseido Skingenecell 1P to help slow down future aging * • Restores skin's overall health. Reduce wrinkles, dark circles and uneven skin tone. The skin is radiant. Feel smoother than ever with key ingredients such as Premium Uji Green Tea Extract, Super Yeast Extract on Fruit Extract, and, Star unique technology. Hydro-feather Emulsion Technology absorbs the emulsion into the skin quickly. The skin is naturally slippery. • Helps retain moisture to the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and radiant all day. • Helps keep cosmetics. Skin appears smoother and smoother than ever.

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