• Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo
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Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo
အမှတ်တံဆိပ် Shiseido
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  • Tsubaki is one of the most popular Japanese hair product in the world.
    This regenerating shampoo with amino acids and camellia oils, is designed to care for the dry, split hair. High quality camelia oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which are readily absorbed by skin and hair. Perfectly nourishes the thin and weakened hair.

  • Enriched with vitamins B and C, which restore the structure of the hair and give them strength and shine.
  • Compensates for loss of natural moisture.
  • Prevents the split ends.
  • Increases the strength and elasticity of the hair.
  • Has a subtle aroma resembling to a camellia.


  • How to use:
    Apply shampoo to a damp hair, foam and rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat.

    Volume: 500ml

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