• AMPLE:N-VC Shot (Sleeping Pack) - 100ml
AMPLE:N-VC Shot (Sleeping Pack) - 100ml
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  • Recharge your radiance with Brightening effect of Vitamin C : Vitamin C wrapped in a flower oil complex and the fruit of the hawthorn are filled with brightening energy to light up the skin while sleeping.
  • Make well-rested skin condition : Melatonin and a pleasant natural aroma-releasing scent help to increase skin condition, and make your skin feel as comfortable and fresh as you wake up.
  • Freshness with collaboration of Brightening effect of Vitamin C and Fresh Moisture Texture : The fresh moisturizing texture and highly concentrated yellow vitamin bead moisturizes the skin for a fresh, non-sticky finish.
  • Texture : Vitamin C inside the texture bursts out at the moment of touching and infuse vitality into the skin.
  • How to Use : At the last step of skin care routine every night, apply appropriate to the entire face.
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