• Flower Design Black Color Lady Watch FL.1.10059-3
Flower Design Black Color Lady Watch FL.1.10059-3
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  • Model No-FL.1.10059-3
    Type-Lady Watch
    Founded in 1998, and has taken its first step into the watch Industry with the slogan ‘’FASHION FOR EVERYONE.’’ From the first day of its establishment to its present day, Daniel Klein has become a very popular brand and attracts attention from many International purchasers worldwide. Our distinction is not only to offer high quality products at accessible prices, but at the same time by following the latest trends and fashion, to offer more than 1000 models and more than 1000 colours to our customers.
    The main office is located in Hong Kong, at the heart of the watch Industry. Our greatest advantage is that we have to keep all the general control as we manufacture the products and check all the stages ourselves. As Daniel Klein Group, we provide a professional service at all stages from the manufacture of products to reaching our customers. Daniel Klein watches are sold in more than 65 countries around the world because of all these superior features.
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12,500.00  ကျပ်