• Kiss Bubble gums Premium condoms  12 Packs
Kiss Bubble gums Premium condoms 12 Packs
အမှတ်တံဆိပ် Kiss
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World standard Condoms which include ISO and CE.


Full Protection from HIV and AIDS if used properly.


Provides efficient contraception

Kiss Classic condoms are transparent, straight-walled, teat-ended and natural rubber latex condoms.
How To Use: Roll the condom on when your penis is erect (hard), but BEFORE it touches your partner’s mouth or genital area (vulva, vagina, anus, buttocks, and upper thighs) — and wear it the whole time you’re having sex. This helps protect you from STDs that are transmitted through skin-to-skin touching. It also prevents contact with pre-ejaculate (pre-cum), which can have STD germs and may rarely contain sperm that can cause pregnancy.

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