• Konfulon cable (S29)
  • Konfulon cable (S29)
  • Konfulon cable (S29)
  • Konfulon cable (S29)
Konfulon cable (S29)
အမှတ်တံဆိပ် Konfulon
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  • Name - Konfulon cable (S29)
  • Model-S29
  • Konfulon S29 Cable For iphone 6 is used for charging Bluetooth headphones, portable chargers, mobile devices, and shavers and trimmers as well. This cable is designed having a USB slot which is required for attaching a specific cable required according to the customer requirement. The wire is long and is flexible too, due to which it can be easily winded when not in use. We provide Konfulon S29 cable for iphone 6 at competitive rates and in various models as per the requirement.
  • Colour-Green /Purple/Gold