• Q10 Body Bath 800ml
Q10 Body Bath 800ml
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  • Boya Q10 Body Bath Soap, Body Bath Q10, specially formulated shower cream.
  • Thoroughly clean Ready to pamper your skin Deep nourishment to skin cells with the Nano-CoQ10 system to maintain balance and restore skin conditions and protect skin from dehydration.
  • Revealing the skin's natural beauty Product Details - Shower cream Q10 concentrated, specially formulated to cleanse thoroughly - with skin treatment Deep nourishment to skin cells with the Nano-CoQ10 system - helps maintain balance and restore damaged skin as well - while also protecting the skin from dehydration To be more moisturized - for you to reveal a new skin that looks beautiful, smooth, natural, 800 ml.
  • How to use
  • Press the right amount of shower gel on the palm. Use both palms to rub until foamy, then apply on wet skin all over the body.Then rinse with clean water Should be used regularly regularly