• Shwebo Minthamee Myanmar Thanakha and Kyauk-Pyin (B)
Shwebo Minthamee Myanmar Thanakha and Kyauk-Pyin (B)
အမှတ်တံဆိပ် Shwebo Minthamee Thanakha
ပစ္စည်းကုဒ်နံပါတ် #ILS-SBM-0012553
ပြုလုပ်သည့်နေရာ Myanmar
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Thanakha & Kyauk-Pyinn (B) For over 2000 years since Sri Khittaya Era,
Thanakha has been the most treasured beauty product among Myanmar ladies. Shwebo Minthamee Thanakha bars are made with naturally ground and dried Thanakha (umbelliterone and crenuilatin). Kyauk-pyin, a circular stone slab is used to rub the Thanakha bar with a few drops of water to get the Thanakha paste with a natural fragrance and texture.Wearing Thanakha on the face and body provides for the following benefits:
-a fresh and cooling sensation  
- prevention the skin from the UV rays
- Preventing acnes and pimple
- keeping the skin soft, smooth and young and
- relieving skin irritation caused by prickly heat and insect bites. Ingredients: Thanakha, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Glycerin, Sandalwood Extract (or) Thanakha Extract
Remark - Kyauk Pyin made of stone.