• Shwebo Minthamee Premium Thanakha Paste (30g)
Shwebo Minthamee Premium Thanakha Paste (30g)
အမှတ်တံဆိပ် Shwebo Minthamee Thanakha
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ပြုလုပ်သည့်နေရာ Myanmar
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  • Premium Thanakha Paste (S) Coumarin, extracted from naturl Thanakha, grown in Pakhuku where the best Thanakha trees grow in Myanmar, nourishes your skin,helps prevent the skin from aging, protects from UV rays and keeps your complexion soft and smooth.
  • Direction : Mix it with water, and smooth onto face and body twice daily.
  • Ingredients : Thanakha,Taic, water,Phenoxyethnol, Chlorphenesin, Glycerin, Thanakha Extract.
  • Net Wt 35g